We provide the following Solar Farm installation services to support your project.  

Pile-Driver Foundations

Our machines are designed to ram pile foundations without any pre-drilling or concrete. This is the most efficient and cost effective form of ground mount installation. All we require is a CAD drawing of the pile design; with this we can manufacture a head for any pile type or shape.

Racking Installation

Due to our experience in the solar industry, we also offer a mechanical racking installation. Unlike many other pile driving companies we are dedicated to solar. Because of this, we have dedicated teams that can install racking efficiently and to manufacturers specifications.

Module Mounting

If you’re looking for a single company to do all the mechanical installation, we can install all types of modules. This includes standard frame modules and frameless glass modules due to having all machinery on site for the pile driving installation including telescopic handlers.  This allows us to install modules at high speeds and saves on hire of extra machinery.

Electrical Installation

As we are electricians and solar installers before we diversified and specialised in Ground Mount Solutions, we are in the position to offer full turnkey solutions from site surveys and engineering, through to mechanical and electrical installation. All electrical work is carried out to follow all Australian Standards and certificates of compliance will be provided for all work upon commissioning.

Supply of Components

Using our relationships gained through industry experience and purchasing power with many component manufactures we can supply customer’s multiple options at very competitive prices. This includes panels, racking, modules and everything in-between.

Our Equipment

  • GAYK Pile drivers
  • Up to 13–18 feet tall for powerful ramming
  • Rubber tracked for accurate and straight installations
  • Operation by working alongside the ram
  • Engineered for easy maintenance
  • Drilling options and customized heads available
  • Auto-levelling option

The fully hydraulic GAYK ram features a track machine with centre pounding for more efficient and accurate installations. Even difficult terrain conditions (gravel or stones) are possible; in case of bedrock, the GAYK can be equipped with a drilling unit. It is possible to ram posts on slopes up to 20º (on north-south slopes).

To ensure consistent ramming depth, the GAYK is equipped with an electric cut-off that disengages the rammer and chain feed automatically when the pre-set ramming depth is reached. This, along with standing operation and intuitive controls, makes the ram easy to operate while saving valuable installation time.


Customers can choose a single service or we can offer package deals of multiple services. All packages are fully customisable –  speak to us about what options may best suit your needs.